Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the Quality Leader, Service Leader, Technology Leader and Value-added Leader in all areas of Security, especially in customer service. We will support our customers by providing the most diverse choice of security plans and services that they require. We will endeavor to serve our customers in such a manner that they will be totally satisfied with UPSL and will not want to use anyone else for their security needs.

We will conduct training, research and development and use modern techniques also review our methods of operation in a never ending effort to continually improve the quality of service we offer.

Key Personnel

C.E.O: Mr. Shabir I Ali

Mr. Ali is one of the founder and owner of this company, as the C.E.O he is actively involved in its operations and continued development. Mr. Ali has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree at which was attained at the University of The West Indies and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business / Security Management, where he uses this and other managerial experience to ensure that UPSL operate in a professional manner.

General Manager: Mrs. Resa Ali

Mrs. Ali has a Higher National Diploma in Human Resources and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (Hons) and has several years’ of experience in customer service. She play’s an integral role in the proper dispensing of UPSL duties to its customers and company polices.

Chief Security Officer: Mr. Marvin Edwards

Mr. Edwards serves this company in the capacity of Chief Security Officer. He has been involved in the Security Industry since from inception of our company in which time he has equip himself and undergone studies in Business Administration and Management, OSHA General industry, Social Psychology and Personality, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Leadership Management, and is presently pursing his Associate Degree in Security Administration and Management.

Security Manager: Mr. Frank Brown

Mr. Browne is a retired member of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. He also has sufficient experience in the security industry. He possesses the combinations of skills, experience and personality which are an asset to our organization.