3d vigilance

Police are reactive, we are reactive.

Response Unit Response Unit Calls made to client, notifying of signals to alarms

If and intrusion or intrusion like activity occurs, you next logical step is to contact the police and they respond after report. By this time, intruder could have stolen valuables and even cause harm to residents.

With 3d vigilance, if such an activity occurs, UPSL will contact you ensuring that you and your love ones are safe. We will proactively respond to activity without client having to make a report, even during the intrusion. Our bold decal placed on the house, serves as a deterrent to criminals as it shows that the house is being monitored 24 hours a day by highly trained operators

3D packages include:

  • No landline? No problem!
    We offer wireless communicators which makes 24 monitoring just as effective as using a landline
  • Already have a Security system?
    In most cases, UPSL can monitor an existing security system installed in your home. A Security Technician will visit your house to confirm compatibility which will be followed by a visit by one of our highly trained service technicians to re-program your system
  • Special Occasions
    Have guest feel safe at your function and give them the peace of mind of attending and enjoying. In big festivities with a lengthy guest lists, security may be considered a necessity and not a luxury. Uninvited guest are known to invade parties pick pocketing, stealing and causing conflicts. These activities can tarnish the name of any business or family holding event. These activities can be deterred by having guards present.
    Our highly trained guards are guaranteed to act professionally, that is not to partake in any of the celebrations and to serve strictly in a protective capacity.
  • Alarm Packages
    UPSL provides and installs state of the art alarm systems which can protect you and your family. Alarm systems can be can be customized to fit our clients’ unique needs. See our alarm packages’ below