Unarmed and Armed Guards

Through our stringent selection of Officers, we have selected and recruited the most capable and professional security personnel. Officers compliment the technological components as they are trained to look for suspicious activity and respond accordingly. Officers are able to patrol compounds systematically with generating report to our clients. Having a security officer serves as a formidable visual deterrent, even greater than that of cameras. Their presence also conveys to visitors, customers and clients that you are serious about their security giving them peace of mind. A security officer is often the first point of contact between customer and business, serving as customer service ambassadors and indirectly conveys to the public quality level.

K9 Services

Man’s best friend or effective tool? K9 officers perform the same duties with other officers however they are more efficient at tracking and detecting. Canines can see greater distances than their human counter parts and are able to identify suspicious behavior quicker. They are more daunting to intruders than baton officers and therefore are greater deterrent. Officers are highly trained and experts in handling canines.