Cash in Transit

UPSL can alleviate the risk associated on with the transporting of cash to the bank, a risk that can extend to company’s cash as well personnel’s safety. Cash in transit services make your business less attractive to criminals with the regular safe transportation of excess cash.

VIP Protection service

With the unfortunate increase in the number kidnapping and stalking of individuals, a VIP escort is sometimes necessary in special situations. We have had clients that have requested escorts home and have thwarted abduction attempts.

Special Occasions

Have guest feel safe at your function and give them the peace of mind of attending and enjoying. In big festivities with a lengthy guest lists, security may be considered a necessity and not a luxury. Uninvited guest are known to invade parties pick pocketing, stealing and causing conflicts. These activities can tarnish the name of any business or family holding event. These activities can be deterred by having officers present. Our highly trained officers are guaranteed to act professionally, that is not to partake in any of the celebrations and to serve strictly in a protective capacity.

Other Services

  • Airport Shuttle
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • In-house Training